Our Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy involves gentle and light manipulation of the skull, to align the natural and structural integrity of the body. It harmonises the nervous system allowing structural and spinal imbalances to be improved.

It is excellent for all ages including babies and the elderly and it is one of our complementary therapies that we recommend depending on your condition.


What does Craniosacral therapy treat?

Craniosacral therapy is a technique that works on the cranial (skull) bones and the sacral bones (the base of the spine). These are connected by fibrous membranes which contains the spinal canal and your brain.

If there is tension in your cranial bones (skull bones) it is often an indication of some restrictions in the body.

This is where gentle pressure is applied to the cranium to release this tension and balance the body.

How can it help?
It can treat stress, headaches, lack of concentration, neck pain, jaw pain and ear problems.

Will it give me a headache?
No, as it is very gentle technique and enables the body to heal itself.


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