Frequently Asked Questions about Nitschke Chiropractic


How does Chiropractic work?
Chiropractic works by identifying areas of the spine that are mis-aligned (subluxated) and altering their position. This is done by using Chiropractic adjustments (done manually or by an Activator instrument), to these areas of the spine.

What information do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?
At your first appointment you will be given a form to complete which has questions about your current and past health. If you have recent scans or x-rays it is a good idea to bring them along.

Do I need to bring and X-ray?
If you do not already have x-rays, you may not require them. The need for an x-ray depends on the presenting complaint, its severity or other complicating issues.

What type of training do you have as a chiropractor?
Chiropractic studies in Australia are university based, five year degree courses.

How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments you need can depend on the presenting complaint. More treatments may be required for chronic conditions than acute. As an initial guide, patients can average between 8-12 visits in the beginning.

How long is a chiropractic session?
The first consultation is 30 minutes as we gather information from your completed form, read any reports and complete any required testing. Follow-up visits are shorter between 10-15 minutes as these are treatment only visits.

What is your holistic approach about?
Our holistic approach is about looking at the body as a whole and not just the painful area in question.

What chiropractic techniques do you use?
Our main two Chiropractic techniques are Diversified and Activator. This means one technique is manual and we use our hands while the other is more gentle as we use an instrument to achieve the same results.


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